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"Convent Plus",  Limited Company (Saint-Petersburg) has got a great experience in installation works of woodworking equipment (Russian and foreign) different types of complexity. Also it makes projections and production of equipment, including non-typical, for veneer, sawing, furniture factories and manufacture of splint-slab.
“Convent Plus” Limited Company realize both current and major repair of equipment. If necessary, the specialists of the company will able to reconstruct and dismantle of equipment any types of complexity.
"The staff of “Convent Plus” Limited Company are high-qualified specialists in mechanics, hydraulics, electrician, programming. They will able to secure a reliable technical service of woodworking manufactures. The constant staff of “Convent Plus” Limited Company  lets us to keep installation and checkout works completely. In case of need the number of specialists may be rise twice or more for providing all works in contract terms.

Nonrandom for name of the company was used the word “Convent” (conv. is abbreviation from the words convergence and convention – these are our principles of work with customers).
“Convent Plus” Limited Company, Saint-Petersburg, is famous for high quality of accomplishment the works and strict adherence of the progress chart. Adaptable individualize approach to every customer. The company gives one year term quarantee commitments for performed works.

 During last years were realized such great projects as:
Manufactures of veneer: Lignums, Latvias-Finieris, Latvias-Bers, Hapoks, Latvia.
  Manufactures of a thin veneer in Chudovo, Novgorodian Region – Chudovo-RWS (UPM-Kymmene).
of LVL-timber output– Nyagan, Khanty-Mansy Autonomous Area – LVL-Ugra.
Manufactures of the large size veneer in vil.Uralsky, Perm Region, Perm Veneer Plant.
  Dismantling in Finland and assembling production line of thin veneer in Chudovo, Novgorodian Region, Chudovo-RWS (UPM-Kymmene).
   Production line for manufacturingof thin veneer and second product line for preparation of raw materials in Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk Veneer Plant.
Manufacture of woodfuel granules (pellets) in Torzhok, Tverskaya Region.

«Convent Plus», Limited Company, Saint-Petersburg, realizes it’s activity in assembling of woodworking equipment and balancing and commissioning in compliance with gave permissive documents, you can acquaint at this page with.
Convent Plus"” Limited Company provides guarantee to all kind of realizing works and purchased equipment. The list of objects"Convent Plus"” Ltd. accomplished the assembling of woodworking equipment, designing and balancing and commissioning works at You can find here:


The leader of “Convent Plus” Limited Company – Zagumennov Valentin Evgenievich has gone a great life of work from the beginning to the director and founder of “Convent Plus” Limited Company. He is good in all aspects of projecting, manufacture and assembling of woodworking equipment. He was born in 1952, the 1st of January, in Taldy-Kurgansky region of Kazakh Republic (USSR). After finishing school he was called to the Armed Forced of USSR for 2 years. There he was in arms as tank-driver, instructor of driving armour. After ending of military service he entered at the Kirov State Forest-Technical Academy in Leningrad as a student of Preparation Courses. In 1973 he became a student of Academy, Faculty of mechanical processing of wood, for specialty Mechanical Ingeneer. After leaving the Academy in 1978 he was working at the Ust-Izhorian veneer industrial complex. For one year he worked as mechanic of plastic manufacture workshop.

In 1979 – 1986 he was a chief designer of  Ust-Izhorian veneer industrial complex.

In 1986 – 1991 – superintendent of work in Kalugian Department of assembling and fixing.
In 1991 – 1993 – the director of small-scale state enterprise “UIFK-Assembling” attached to Ust-Izhorian veneer industrial complex.
In 1993 – 2004 – the director of Limited Company “Convent”, Saint-Petersburg.
Since 2004 – present time – the director of “Convent Plus”

Hobbies: table tennis, Alpine skiing.
Loves his job. Divorced, has an adult daughter.